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Convert HyperV EDB to EML

The best suitable option to access messages of extracted EDB mailboxes from Virtual machine is, convert HyperV EDB to EML file format including deleted emails with all attachment & original attributes. EML stand for as "Email" which is the extendable of Outlook Express email client but this EML file can be saved and import on wide range of email applications such as export VM EDB into Windows Live mail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird (Linux), Outlook 2011 (Mac), IncrediMail, Microsoft Entourage.

  • Conversion of Multiple VM EDB Data Files: Software permits to export single as well as multiple EDB file of VHD to EML simultaneously at a same time.
  • Details of Emails Inside Software Panel: Preview of all mails including from, to, cc, bcc, subject and attachment details before doing export task.
  • Naming Convention Option: Tool offers "Naming Convention" mode, while export HyperV Exchange emails to EML. You can save all selected mails with the name of your choice.
  • Save Export Report: Get export report in .csv format which is the default file format that tool has created to save details.
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How to Export

HyperV Exchange Emails to EML

Software is devised to convert HyperV EDB to EML. Using the export feature, it is also possible open extracted HyperV Exchange to Apple Mail. Accomplish this task by following some simple process:

  1. Export Single VM EDB Email: Once the recovery and preview of Virtual Exchange EDB process gets complete, export emails into EML files. For that, select particular mail » Right Click » Export as EML. Via this option, you can export single email at a time.

    single vm edb export

  2. Process to Export Multiple Emails: The above option can take lots of time for completing the conversion task. To export multiple from VM EDB into EML simultaneously, click on "Export" button on the top. An Export options windows will appear, check or uncheck emails from right side explorer view.

    export Virtual Exchange into EML

  3. Apply Name Convention: EDB file of VHD to EML conversion tool provides "Name Convention" option which is helpful for finding particular mail from huge bunch of emails at a minimum time period. It will help you to manage similar kind of emails records according to date, subject, from etc.

    naming convention

  4. Browse Location to Export Mails: Now, you need to "Browse" the location the location where you want to move your desired mails and then hit on "Export" button.

    naming convention

  5. Preview While Exporting: Software provides the preview while exporting Virtual machine EDB to Outlook Express or other OS on your desktop/laptop screen. Here you can see the details like: Folder name, Item counts, Destination path etc. You can also the stop the process exporting process by clicking on "Stop" button.

    exporting process

  6. Export Completion Report: Once the export process gets completed, software will preview the pop-up message "Export process completed successfully". The tool executes read-only procedure on selected emails to export; this means no modifications inside origin VM EDB file are going to be made

    export process completed

  7. Save into CSV. File: You can save "Export report" which will appear on your screen. Source file name, success count, fail count all these details will appear on this report. You can identify the saved file path by clicking on success count numbers. To get CSV report, hit on "Save" button and browse the location or else click "cancel".

    extraction report

  8. Check EML Files: When the Virtual Exchange emails into EML exporting report saving process gets completed, tool will display a message with the detail of Export Records saved path so that you can easily find the location where you the software has saved eml files. Every single mail gets saved in separate folder.

    check eml

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